Crush Zone - Stillage banner

Size Guide
This CRUSH ZONE mesh stillage banner is 1200mm wide and 450mm high. Bright Warning Yellow, will warn against standing in areas that could pose a safety risk.. All mesh banners come with 4 banner grips and 4 bungee hooks.


Safety Sign legible viewing distance guide
Signs should be large enough to view without straining the eyes when communicating safety messages to employees and/or visitors. Therefore, choosing the size of a sign is more than fitting it to the space you have available. In order to comply with AS 1319, you must consider the environment, lighting and viewing distance – these factors will determine the size of sign required to suit your application. The recommended minimum sizes as per AS 1319 are as follow. For a pictogram and worded sign in a factory or work environment, where lighting is good and the sign will be mounted in a reasonably prominent position: