Printable Fire Safety Signs

April 24, 2014 0 Comments

If you need a Fire safety sign right now!, offers a number of FREE safety signs designed for temporary use - FREE signs you can download and print right now and use until you can obtain permanent signs. These free safety signs are in PDF format you can print from your desk. And like all products, they’re professionally designed to demand attention. Use these free safety signs as needed to help protect your employees – and your business. And check the rest of our site for permanent versions of these free safety signs, and many more...

Click on any of the icons below to download and print a PDF version.. (opens in a new window)
Fire Extinguisher Fire Hose Fire Hydrant Fire Fighting Equipment IN EVENT OF FIRE DO NOT USE LIFTS USE STAIRS


Safety Sign legible viewing distance guide
Signs should be large enough to view without straining the eyes when communicating safety messages to employees and/or visitors. Therefore, choosing the size of a sign is more than fitting it to the space you have available. In order to comply with AS 1319, you must consider the environment, lighting and viewing distance – these factors will determine the size of sign required to suit your application. The recommended minimum sizes as per AS 1319 are as follow. For a pictogram and worded sign in a factory or work environment, where lighting is good and the sign will be mounted in a reasonably prominent position:
Safety Sign Comparison Chart