Danger - Prolonged Breath Holding

Size Guide

Install these Danger - Prolonged Breath Holding signs around any pool area to remind and warn guests of the dangers of holding their breath for extended periods of time. This sign is made from durable 1.4mm Polypropylene and are 260mm wide and 190mm high or 365mm wide by 265mm high for the large version. These pool safety signs come with rounded corners and mounting holes. They can be installed using double sided tape, zip ties. screws or builders adhesive.

Danger signs should be used to warn of hazardous and dangerous situations that could be life threatening. This Danger sign complies with Australian Standard 1319-1994 (AS 1319). Colours used in the manufacture of this sign are compliant with 3.5.1 of AS1319-1994 and conform to the colour specifications at Appendix A and in accordance with AS2700. Danger Signs are to incorporate the word Danger in white letters on a red oval shape inside a black rectangle. Symbols/Pictograms are not to be used.